When the Democrats got thrashed (my word) in the midterm elections two weeks ago, there was much speculation about how Obama would react. Now we know that he has responded mostly with defiance — choosing to challenge the Republicans by threatening to issue significant executive orders regarding immigration. But it’s early days, and he may yet modulate his tone and seek compromises. If I were asked for a presidential to-do list, laying out an agenda for his final two years in office, here is what I would suggest:

All of the above is hard to implement and especially hard for President Obama, who generally views his Republican adversaries with contempt. There are elements that tie these measures together — the President needs to start showing a little humility, get some better help in the West Wing and play better with others. Try the Indra Nooyi method, Mr. President: assume good intent. And maybe the Presidency won’t be such a drag for you. You might get a few things done and start enjoying yourself again.